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We are pleased to bring to market what we feel are some of the best young plants form the best suppliers.

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LiveRoof® offers the Natural Function and Natural Beauty of built-in-place living roofs - without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation.

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LiveWall® is designed to parallel nature. With LiveWall®, plants enjoy natural orientation and grow in nutrient rich soil.

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UC Verde® is the ONLY buffalograss that was bred in California for California's unique climate, making it and ideal sustainable lawn substitute.


Bringing Californians practical, living, lawn alternatives.

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Ruschia 'Nana'® is an evergreen succulent with a very compact growth habit and extremely durable foliage, it's water requirements are about 75% less than many traditional turf grasses.

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Grasscrete is a continually reinforced, ready mixed concrete that has a defined pattern of voids achieved through the use of a disposable form that once removed and replaced with stone or grassed soil allows water to pass through the concrete.


Kurapia® is a versatile goundcover. It features low water requirements and minimal maintenance.

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