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The following photos highlight some of our LiveRoof® green roof installations in California, and provide an idea of the range of design possibilities, applications, and plant materials that can be realized with the LiveRoof® system. 
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Chapman University- Argyros Forum
Orange, CA

Unique Features: Roof top planters for existing structure renovation. Deep LiveRoof® modules.

Installed: December 2011

Size of LiveRoof®: 1,918 SF

Plant Theme: Combinations of succulents and grasses.

Architect: A.C. Martin

Landscape Architect: S. Roy Kato, LA

General Contractor: C.W. Driver

Installer: American Gardens

Hillside Home
Laguna Beach, CA

Unique Features: Design contours follow coastline; green roof colors reflects those of surrounding area and sea.

Installed: November 2011

Size of LiveRoof®: 544 SF

Plant Theme: Succulent selection approrite for Laguna's coastal climate.

Architect: Paul Zajfen

Landscape Architect: Whitin Design

General Contractor: Ken McMurray

Installer: Terra Firma Landscape

LA Fire Station No.82
Hollywood, CA

Unique Feature:
Incluedes LiveRoof modules and RoofStone pavers.

Installed: November 2011

Size of LiveRoof®: 2,950 SF

Plant Theme: Sedum mix

Architect: RRM Design Group

Landscape Architect: RRM Design Group

General Contractor: Morillo Construction

Installer: Advanced Landscape 2000

330 A St.
San Diego, CA

Unique Features:
Older building; owner wanted to expand usable space by making a portions of the 3rd floor roof top into an outdoor seating area.

Installed: May 2011

Size of LiveRoof®: 808 SF

Plant Theme: Sedum mix appropriate for downtown San Diego climate.

Architect: Carrier-Johnson

Landscape Architect: Wimmer, Yamada & Caughey

General Contractor: BYCOR

Installer: Brickman Landscape

Soka University Performing Arts Center
Aliso Viejo, CA

Unique Features:
LiveRoof® combined with photovoltaics; green roof surface serves to cool surrounding environment improving the efficiency of solar panels. LiveRoof® also used to mitigate runoff into neighboring wilderness area.

Installed: September 2010

Size of LiveRoof®: 14,800 SF

Plant Theme: Succulent mix appropriate for Aliso Viejo climate.

Architect: ZGF

Landscape Architect: SWA Group

General Contractor: McCarthy Builders

Installer: ValleyCrest Landscape

Waterproof Membrane Manufacturer: Sika Sarnafil

Rio Hondo Community College Library
Whittier, CA

July 2009

Size of LiveRoof®: 2,000 SF

Plant Theme: Meadow

Architect: A.C. Martin

General Contractor: Bernards Bros. Construction

Installer: ERC Roofing & Solar

The SmithGroup
San Francisco, CA

Unique Features:
LiveRoof installed to green up existing rooftop terrace.

Installed: November 2008

Size of LiveRoof®: 1,200 SF

Plant Theme: Coastal Meadow

Architect: The SmithGroup

Landscape Designer: David Fross

Installer: Jensen Landscape